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  • April 17 Show Close

    April 17 Show Close

    The final North Report show close of the year featuring the Studio 424 crew as heroes and villains.

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  • A Dance Performance by Ellie Abbick

    A Dance Performance by Ellie Abbick

    Video by Charlie Betzelberger and Lauren Becker.

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  • Mall Culture

    Mall Culture

    A video essay about the world’s fading mall culture. Malls used to be the place to go, now that is no longer the case. This serves as a reflection about that change. Video by Michael Wolfe and Jamie Scowcroft.

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  • Special Places

    Special Places

    Take a look inside one special place, Abbie Williams’ bedroom, and hear some stories that come with it. Special thanks to Abbie Williams.

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  • Connor Leimer – “Driving”

    Connor Leimer – “Driving”

    Connor Leimer is a local artist here in Kansas City and the Blue Valley North community. This is his single “Driving” from his new EP, Like It’s June. Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Facebook:

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  • Stampede of the Mustangs

    Stampede of the Mustangs

    From Lauren Farrell: “Early last September, I envisioned a 3D animated segment about the Blue Valley North mascot, the Mustang. Standing at the bottom of a steep learning, I began to learn software called Autodesk Maya. The software itself is used in numerous movies ranging from action packed thrillers and dramas to sci-fi to fully animated feature films. To create my mustang, I used a process called “box modeling” which consists of starting with a simple polygon cube and subdividing [...]

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  • 3/4/2014 Show Close

    3/4/2014 Show Close

    The Studio 424 team gets pied in the face for this show’s close!!! Music: “Brainwaves” – Podington Bear Link: CC-BY-NC

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  • TMYK Vestigiality

    TMYK Vestigiality

    In the third installment of this year’s “The More You Know” series, we look at vestigial structures and how they can give us hints of where we have been as a species. Video by Jeremy Day.

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  • The Gent’s Place

    The Gent’s Place

    The Gent’s Place is a men’s fine grooming club in a Leawood, Kansas. This video explores the gender norms surrounding male grooming and how The Gent’s Place dispels stereotypes and tradition. Special thanks to the staff and clientele of The Gent’s Place for being cooperative in the making of this video. Video by Michael Wolfe, Graham Schmidt, and Charlie Betzelberger.

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  • Cage Fighting

    Cage Fighting

    Laticia Mendoza talks about her experience as a cage fighter and how the sport has been a great outlet for her over the years. See Laticia fight March 8, 2014 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Call 816-878-7581 for tickets and more details. Video by Leilani Ewing and Lauren Becker.

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